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February 05, 2008



I'm in the same dilemna this year. We moved into this house nearly two years ago now, but I have been pregnant or with a new baby pretty much ever since so I haven't done anything (my HOA hates me). I went to Borders just the other night and bought a great book (on the recommendation of the 12 year old who worked there) that has month by month chores to do for the grass, the flowers, the shrubs, etc. It's great. I'd tell you the name, but it's a localized book, so I doubt it would help you. But head on over to Borders or whatever your favorite book store is and ask the local 12 year old for some help.
Also, most communities have what is called an "extension office" where local gurus hang out that are willing to come to your house and give you the "in" on what to do. I don't know how rural you are, but if you're semi-suburban at least, that might work. I plan to blog about my adventures in gardening this spring/summer so come check me out. (Hint: my plans include tying my 2 year old to the tree in the middle of the front yard so that I can actually get something done)


Sheesh. Sorry for the long comment.

Burgh Baby's Mom

First of all, you do not want the garden in the first picture. It looks like it's nothing but annuals, which means you have to do all the work every year. Perennials and shrubs are where to start. Second of all, hiya! Found you via Fussy's place.


I just sent you an email through Borders or Amazon or something with the book link in it. Just thought I'd give you a heads up incase it goes in your spam folder or something.


I will advise you to go what we plan on doing this year. HIRE A LANDSCAPPING COMPANY!!! Then all you have to do is water and prune. We both about broke our backs, literally, last year. Never, never again.

hot mama

Don't worry about your yard until all your rug rats,cats and dog are grown and gone.By then you'll be able to have a great yard and yell (get off my yard!!!!) to all the little kiddies!! Betcha can't wait....


Honey, I just forked out $6,300 for the most BASIC of landscaping. I have a black thumb myself, so I didnt even attempt it! I may try to stick some flowers in the ground this spring, but it doesn't look good..LOL!!


Ok, I don't have great hair or a green thumb. If I could choose which I would want it would be great hair. You can always hire someone to do the yard for you. ;-)

I am stopping by from the Bloggy Giveaway. Thank you for entering my contest for the Motivated Moms. There was another winner, but I hope you'll stop by time to time. :)


Get a landscape designer to do a plan for you. They will sketch out the whole yard and what plants to put where. Ours cost about $200 but it saved us at least that much in bad plant choices because we knew nothing about plants. We told her we wanted stuff that did not need much maintaince and is hard to kill. Three years later and it looks pretty good.



I would love to help with your lawn and garden - from afar! Sounds weird, I know, but if you're interested, let's get together online.

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