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February 10, 2008



Your menu looks great. Don't you just love Pioneer Woman's recipes! :) Have a great week!

Robin Sampson

Diest don't work anyway. Just eat healthy and portion control.

I have two posts this week.

1. My regular Menu Plan Monday at http://heartofwisdom.com/heartathome

2. An article about menu planning, online helps, and this meme on my homeschool blog

See you there :)

Tiff@three Peas

Yummy!!!! I don't realy kill myself on eating healthy just watching how much i eat.


Beautiful Nikki, please tell us what white BBQ sauce is. Thanks!

Oh and the Pioneer Woman's Favorite sandwich sounds fabulous, minus the onions.

hot mama

you're making me really,really hungry.......yum-yum


We're starving to death over here because you haven't come back with more menu ideas!

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