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March 19, 2008



Hi, Nikki, nice to meet you. I'm laughing now...you're a very funny girl, so thanks for coming out of the closet & leaving me a comment. I've done this one a couple times last year, so let me think on it & see if I can come up with anything new & exciting. But, don't be mad if I skip it! I'm terrible about passing these on too.

You sound like a really fun person, loved reading your older posts. I hope you will continue to come back & visit me. Don't you love Pioneer Woman's Favorite sandwich?! I just made it this week again & it is so yummy, as well as that penne pasta. She's a great cook, love to steal those recipes from her.

So nice to mee you!


LOL! I just got this... now I have to think of 7 more things about me! Oh no! And 7 more people to tag - ack!

But it's all good. I can do it - I think. ;-)


Welcome back! And your hair looks great. I'm always up for a new 'do' too. But I mostly just change styles and lengths- not color.

Tiff@Three Peas

I love scented candles. And yes like you I always have one burning. I have such a wonderful collection. My hubby has ordered me to stop buying candles until my supply has run a tad low. LOL there's not place to store them anymore!


How fun that you live in your grandparents house and your best friend her her house. That is so neat. An island? Definetly not boring!

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